Monitoring and Analysis of the Environment Module


  • Developer: Dr. Kang Xia
  • Course: Monitoring and Analysis of the Environment
  • Knowledge prerequisites: Basic statistics
  • Data Tool(s): Excel or Google Sheets
  • Module Focus: Analysis of water quality data from two locations of a superfund site (i.e., a site polluted with dangerous chemicals) and soil nutrient data from urban-agricultural sites. A variety of analyses can be performed on the data collected, with the main focus on conducting statistical analysis and determining variance and significance using analyses such as ANOVA and t-test.
  • Keywords (Disciplinary topic):  benzene levels, environmental science, undergraduate, water pollution
  • Keywords (Data science): descriptive statistics, ANOVA, t-test, plotting
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Errors in Measured Data Module

Targeted Data Science Topics and Competencies

  • Data Preprocessing (Data Cleaning)
    • Demonstrate an ability to detect and deal with outliers in data
  • Data Use (Statistical Analysis)
    • Demonstrate an ability to compare results of analysis with other findings
    • Demonstrate an ability to use statistical methods and/or software pertaining to an analysis goal
  • Data Use (Data Communication)
    • Demonstrate an ability to explain results to an appropriate audience
  • Data Visualization (Data Communication)
    • Demonstrate an ability to communicate concepts and findings using graphical or tabular representations of data
    • Demonstrate an ability to create a graphical or tabular representation of data

Module Materials

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